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Haven Gaming Role-Play/PVP/Nether/Fantasy/Sci-fi Server Empty Haven Gaming Role-Play/PVP/Nether/Fantasy/Sci-fi Server

Post  Nuvasupe on Fri Mar 18, 2011 7:16 pm

Are you tired of being killed randomly on PVP servers? Mad
Are you looking for more depth to your Minecraft play? Idea
Are you looking for a Multiplayer Server With WORKING Nether? affraid
Are you looking for a Server that doesn't let in every random person who wants to grief your buildings? Very Happy

At Haven Gaming we have all of these things and more.

We have in-depth Role Play with gods, supernatural beings and magic galore.
We have coordinated task forces devoted to improving the cities and the life of the average Minecraftian.
We have a TeamSpeak 3 server, so you don't need to painstakingly type in everything you want to say.
We accept people only after they have gone through a painless but efficient trial to ensure they are up to the task of being a responsible player and using our website.

We also have a devoted group of Moderators and Administrators that constantly improve our website, server and more.

Join Soon and get a Free Fight Ticket! We have weekly fights and this one is going to be BIG!

Arrow IP: mc.havengaming.net
Arrow Website: havengaming.net
Arrow TeamSpeak 3: mc.havengaming.net Port: 9987


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